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Start a Playground Equipment Rental Business

Even with the economy tight people still spend money on their crotch goblins I mean children. A playground equipment business rents out playground equipment such as jungle gyms, sliding boards and roundabouts etc. Market need The selling point to parents is that they do not have a large outlay and can get out of owning a white elephant if the children is no longer interested in it. On the flip side there is the benefit […]

Start a Caravan Hire / Rental Business

Today we look at another rental business, this business rents out caravans to people for a certain period of time, this one is a bit niche but it can be diversified into various industries, for camping trips (holiday), short term living (accommodation), as well as to use as a tuckshop or takeaways (food industry). The rental business Let’s first take an overall view of the rental business before we drill deeper into the business models. […]

Start a Shipping Container Rental Business

A container rental business rents out shipping containers for a period of time to people looking for temporary facilities. Business Model We’ve looked at the rental business extensively before: stages, racing simulators, photo booths, catering hiring, pool tables, scaffolding, tent & marquee, popcorn, candy-floss & slush machines, temporary fence, mini golf courses, wedding dresses & bridal gowns, car hire and more. An asset is acquired; this asset is then rented out for a fee over […]

Start a Catering & Hiring Company

A catering & hiring company provides the food, service and extras required for hosting an event. Market need When people hire a venue such as a hall or community centre that is not a dedicated function venue, besides the food they will need a hiring company to provide them with the items the venue does not provide, stuff that are traditionally not provided by catering companies which specialise in food (they only provide the food […]

Start a Wedding Dress / Bridal Gown Hire Business

The goal of a profitable hiring business is to recoup your initial investment as soon as possible. We looked at many hiring businesses before and the ones with a quick break-even often require a lot of capital up front and have considerable physical work. The rental of wedding dresses has a quick break-even and is not a lot of work but it does have other challenges. Here is how to get started. The business The […]

Start a Pool Table Hiring Company

Pool or snooker tables are a popular way to socialise in South Africa. Start your own business hiring out coin-operated pool tables to entertainment venues. The business The pool tables are hired on a month to month basis. You can have two business models: one a flat monthly rental fee, the other a split taking, where you split the revenue from the pool table on a percentage basis, 50/50, 60/40 or whatever has been agreed […]

Start a Car Hire Business

Car hire businesses hire cars to people from a few hours to days at a time. Here is how to get started with your own car hire business. The industry When thinking car hire you probably thinking about the “big three” (Europcar, Avis, Hertz) you usually see at airports that hire cars to tourists. But there is a large market outside of this that includes opportunities for small business owners. General cars or exotic? General […]

Start a Scaffolding Hire Business

Scaffolding is a temporary structure used to support a work crew and materials to aid in the construction, maintenance and repair of buildings, bridges and all other manmade structures. Scaffolds are widely used on site to get access to heights and areas that would be otherwise hard to get to. Start your own business hiring out scaffolding to builders and building contractors. The business Scaffolding hire is an interesting business, it does not require the […]

Open a Kiddies Play & Party Venue

Play venues are indoor places with various games that children can play. Here is how to get started. What & Why Play venues are places where parents take their children to play during the day. It is particular popular with stay at home moms, it is also quite popular in winter when its raining outside. The venue contains various toys and obstacle courses to keep children busy; because there are usually other children as well […]

Start a Tent & Marquee Hire Business

Tent and marquee hire is a hiring business with a clear path to profitability but it has its challenges due to its large size. Here is how to get started. What is tent and marquee hire? When people want to host events (weddings, funerals, parties, etc.) they will hire tents and marquees to host the function. Whether it’s to protect from sun and wind or just because they want a particular setting but it does […]

Hire out Popcorn, Candy floss and Slush Machines

A hiring business is a business that does not require a lot of effort once the items have been delivered but the biggest concern is always growing it to the point of a sustainable business. You can do this two ways: by hiring out high value items (which requires a lot of money to start out to purchase high value items) or by hiring out a few different items to the same venue. The party […]

Start a Temporary Fence Hire Business

Temporary fencing are used at events to demarcate certain areas as well as for crowd control. Start your own business renting out fences. The opportunity Often events take place at venues that requires certain areas to be cordoned off or to be divided into smaller areas where access will be controlled. Say a school is having a carnival on the school’s grounds they will usually use the sports field. Temporary fencing can be used to […]

Hire out Slot Car Racing Tracks

One of the benefits of operating a hiring business is that it has recurring income without a lot of the worries that plague other types of businesses. But a lot of existing party event rental businesses (such as jumping castles) has a lot of competition, so you have to try something different. I’ve covered hiring out racing simulators and putt-putt courses which has less competition. Today we’ll be looking at starting a business hiring out […]

Start a Stage Rental Business

Stage rental is the process of renting out stages for events such as singing contests, modeling shows and concerts. Start your own business renting out stages. What I like about the stage rental business is that it is one of those things that can get started with a modest amount of capital if you can make the stages yourself or you know someone that can do it at a reasonable cost as the materials used […]

Rent out Racing Simulators

Racing simulators are racing games that simulates car racing with realistic vibrations. Start your own business renting out racing simulators for parties and other events. To get started, you are going to need at least two simulators so people can race each other. While simulators can be built, realistic ones are also commercially available. Depending on how high-tech your similar is will dictate how much you can charge, but simulators are often rented for thousands […]

Build and Hire Out Mini Golf (Putt-Putt) Courses

Mini golf or putt-putt is a fun game that can be played by the whole family. Build your own courses and rent them out for events or fundraisers. Process Putt-putt is basically a stripped down version of golf focussing on putting. It is exiting to play as the course is quite short and has a quick gratifying aspect to it as you drop the balls in the hole often. Before you build the course you […]

Start Your Own Photo Booth Rental Business

Photo booths are used as entertainment at events and functions. It creates lasting memories in the form of photographs that people get to take home. Start your own business renting out photo booths for weddings, birthdays, product launches and other parties. The photo booth rental business You rent out a photo booth and related equipment (camera, monitor, printer, props etc.) to organisers having functions. People who attend the function can enter the booth and take […]