Build and Sell Point of Sale (POS) Systems

A point of sale or POS system is used by shops to ring up the sale of goods and keep track of stock (like a cash register or till but with more features). If you are already familiar with computers it is not difficult to start a business building and selling point of sale systems.

A point of sale system can be assembled using widely available parts, the basic components that make a point of sale system includes:
• Computer, monitor & keyboard
• Slip printer (thermal is best)
• Barcode scanner
• Cash drawer
• POS software (DHPOS is fully featured and free)
• Pole display (largely optional)

Using the above components you will be able to build a fully functional point of sale system that can ring, up goods, keep track of stock, handle various cashiers and print a slip and pop the cash drawer open after each transaction.

Now starting out there is no need to buy these components new, in fact it will be better to build and sell point of sale systems from second hand components to keep the cost low and profits up.

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