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Start a Carbon Capture or Carbon Dioxide Removal Business

Today we will be looking at an industry that helps to reduce the effects of climate change by capturing harmful CO2 emissions before and after it enters the atmosphere and with smaller businesses, we will look at carbon dioxide removal (don’t look so worried planting trees is a means of carbon dioxide removal). I will summarise this by saying that I don’t see a lot of clear opportunities unless you have lots of expertise and money. […]

Start a Die Cutting Business

As I have said before if you are going to enter a manufacturing business for the first time small business entrepreneur (making and selling something), you need to find a business with a really simple process that is not very labour intensive. I mentioned moulds and the more automotive injection moulding. But there is also money to be made by cutting an existing sheet of material into certain shapes. Die-cutting is a process used to […]

Start a Window Tinting Business

Window tinting refers to a process in which a see-thru sheet of film is applied to the inside of a vehicle, building or home window. Window tinting has both aesthetic and functional uses. In this context, I am referring to film that is retrofitted not factory tints or commercial laminated glass. Vehicle tinting Probably the tint that most people are familiar with, it is a business you can start from the side of the road, in fact, […]

Start a Public Toilet Business

Today I am going to share an idea with you that is so ridiculous it might just work. Running a network of privately-owned advertising-supported public toilets. Like healthcare and security, we are privatising public toilets. Yes, a business operating free public toilets paid for by advertising inside. We all know by now that there is money to be made from government incompetence whether its a government agency or state-own enterprise, they are all incompetent. People that […]

Start a Mobile Barber Business

A mobile barber (aka door-to-door barber) is a barber that cuts hair at his clients’ house. He only has a clipper and knows how to use it. It is a service business that you can start for less than R1000 (even less than half of that) and break-even in a very short period. For people who live in townships, the door-to-door barber is a common sight. You phone a guy and say you need a haircut […]

Start a Pole Dancing Fitness Studio Business

COVID-19 will leave a lot of vacancies in business parks and other industrial areas and you are going to see a lot of unconventional uses for these spaces as landlords accept whatever tenants they can find from Kiddies Play & Party Venues to Pole Dancing Fitness Studios. What is a Pole Dancing Fitness Studio? “Pole Fitness is an extension of pole dancing that uses the pole to its maximum potential as a versatile piece of fitness equipment. It […]

Start, Run & Grow a Laundry Business

A laundry is a place where clothes (and other home textiles such as bedding and curtains) are washed and dried. Market Need A laundry caters to people who don’t have a washing machine, don’t have time to do their washing or are too lazy to do their own washing. Solution There are two business models adopted by laundries: self-service and staffed (or serviced). Self-service A self-service laundry (aka coin-operated laundry) is where people wash and […]

Start a Hyperlocal Buying & Selling or Service Business

I’m back! If you were thinking that I was kept under house arrest without charge by a Soviet-influenced government and deprived of vape and alcohol then you would be correct. Light up those bootleg cigarettes it is a 1500 word doozy. Today I will look at an emerging trend that has exploded under COVID-19: hyperlocal commerce. What is “hyperlocal commerce” Hyperlocal is defined as “relating to or focusing on matters concerning a small community or […]

Start a Window Replacement Service

A window replacement service replaces broken windows so people don’t have to go to the city to buy glass. This is a great business as you can offer a house call service and people don’t have to take measurements, buy putty and install the window themselves (some people might not feel confident to replace the glass themselves). This business is relatively simple, buy the glass in large panes, go to the client, measure the window […]

Start a Bike Repair, Service and Retail Shop

Bicycles are popular in South Africa which creates a need for bikes and related products and services. While we certainly don’t have a shortage of bike shops in SA, the key to this business is the right location. Opportunity People use bicycles for various purposes for recreation, transport. A bicycle like any vehicle needs to be serviced, parts need to be replaced and eventually if the rider requires it to be upgraded to a newer […]

Start a Project Management Consulting Business

They say, failing to plan is planning to fail. True entrepreneurs understand this. That’s why they often hire project management consultants for doing research work and helping them plan their activities, reduce costs and provide better services to their customers. This business idea is about making money by helping different business owners to make the best possible business decisions and to provide oversight and leadership in efficiently executing projects from planning to completion. Getting Started While […]

Start a Handyman Service Business

A handyman service business offers a  wide variety of services for ordinary homeowners and businesses.  This includes plumbing services, electrical works, furniture assembly and many other installation and assembly work. Here is how you can start your own handyman service business in South Africa. Getting Started To start this business, you first need to decide how you want to profit. Basically, there are two possible ways: responding to emergency situations (the toilet has a particular […]

Start a Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service Business

Few people like to clean their own carpets and upholstery. Firstly,  it is quite time-consuming. Secondly, there is no guarantee of a good result without proper equipment and dedication.  Carpet and upholstery cleaning services continue to thrive despite economic difficulties especially in the corporate sector where it is unacceptable to have dirty carpets or upholstery, even the residential business, property managers often have carpets cleaned before a new tenant moves in. Getting Started A carpet and […]

Start a Gardening & Landscaping Service

A gardening service maintains the gardens of residential and business premises. Services range from cleanup, cutting and mowing to pruning and pest control. Here is how to start and run a gardening service. Getting Started To start this business you need to have some gardening skills or hire people who has. Even if you do have the skills that does not mean you will be doing the hard labour yourself, most gardening service owners have […]

Start a Laser Cutting, Marking, Etching & Engraving Business

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut and mark materials, it used for industrial manufacturing applications and various other applications such as small business, craft and hobby. Laser cutting works by directing the output of a CNC controlled (computer numerical control) high-power laser to cut, mark, engrave or etch the desired image or output. Getting Started To start this business you need a laser cutter or laser cutting machine. These machines […]

Start a Call Centre Business

A call centre is a centralised office used for receiving or transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone. There are essentially two types of call centres: inbound (that handles incoming calls) and outbound (makes outgoing calls). Please note: I am referring to the call centre business from an outsourcing perspective. With the advent of hosted PBX technology setting up a call centre has reduced in time and cost in recent years. Getting Started To […]

Start a Garage Door Installation, Automation & Repair Business

Almost any home needs a garage, whether to park vehicles or store items, garage doors are very important otherwise people can just walk in, not only are new houses being built all the time but old garages are modernised and automated as well. Getting Started To start this business you need to be familiar with garage doors, and the various materials used (wood, aluminum, galvanized steel, Aluzink etc.). As well as the various different types […]

Start a Rigging / Machine Moving Company

A rigging and machine moving company is a business that provides a service of lifting/hoisting and transporting heavy items such as machinery. In other parts of the world this is also called a crane service but in SA when we think cranes we usually think large construction projects, rigging is the more commonly used word for this service. Getting Started To get started in this business you need a crane truck, that is a truck […]

Start a Digital Marketing Agency

Did you know that today more people prefer online shopping over traditional ways to buy products and services? This relates not only to South Africa, but to almost every country in the world. Moreover, online retail sales in our country are only expected to soar in the near future. This is why more entrepreneurs turn to the Internet when it comes to increasing their sales. But those times when a simple act of creating a […]

Start a Rubberising Business

A rubberising business offers the service of coating surfaces with polyurethane and similar chemicals in order to protect it. In South Africa rubberising is most popularly used for bakkie linings and on roofs. Getting Started This business requires the spray tool gun, usually connected to a compressor and the polyurethane rubber chemical. Business Model This is a business where you offer the rubberising service whether it is for vehicles or homes in exchange for a […]

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