Build a WordPress Plugin to Easily Sell and License Photos

I take and publish a lot of photos on my WordPress powered websites. With Adblockers eating into advertising revenue I have recently opened a new revenue stream: licensing photos.

I am not talking about operating a stock photo website nor am I even talking about selling and licensing artistic images.  I am talking about day-to-day functional images found within the article – images that will be cheaper for people to license than to go out there and take it themselves whether it is obscure landmarks or faraway places.

When a photo is published it is usually scaled down to fit on the page (the smaller the image the faster it downloads as well). The plugin will allow a person to easily purchase a high-resolution version image of all the images that is on the website (provided a high-res version is available). There is an existing plugin called “WP iSell Photo” but it is not the same thing.

How it will work

On the backend: a photo is uploaded into WordPress in high-resolution. With “Link to media file” as the option. The plugin will add two options to the media manager: 1. is the photo for sale? Yes/No. if yes 2. How much.

Plugin features
Plugin features

On the frontend: When “Yes” is selected on the backend this will “lock” the photo being accessed in high-resolution on the frontend when clicked on unless a payment is made. When the image is hovered over a shopping cart will appear with the text “Purchase a high resolution version of this image”.

Image frontend

The checkout process has to be as seamless as possible similar to Gumroad.