Buy and Sell Shop-soiled Appliances

Shop-soiled goods are items in a shop that have been on display usually as demo models and have imperfections ( cosmetic scratches or dents) from being displayed out of the box and from being handled. For this reason it cannot be sold as new and is usually discounted.

Many shops do not put discounted items on their shelves and instead sell their shop-soiled products via other channels such as auctions or to bulk buyers. There is an opportunity to purchase these unused but blemished items and resell it for a profit.

Where to purchase shop-soiled items
There is not one single place where all shops sell their shop-soiled goods, some large retailers have large volumes of shop-soiled goods (which they remove from shelves once a certain model is sold out) and they sell it via auction. So it is good to keep tab on auction companies that sell home appliances.

If you can buy direct from the retailer that will be most advantageous, because retailers have to pay auction houses a commission and it may not go on auction immediately. So you can ask the shop owner or manager about buying the (shop-soiled / display items / demo models) goods directly. Almost every shop that sells appliances or electronics will have shop-soiled goods as people want to inspect items before they purchase it and there is usually one of each product/model to do so with. Shops don’t like to sell shop-soiled goods on their shelves because it is usually marked down drastically, this creates two problems: people may buy the cheaper product instead of purchasing the full price equivalent and if the shop has too many shop soiled products for sale it affects the image of the shop as it looks like they are selling returns.

Shop-soiled appliances range from small appliances (kettles, toasters, blenders, microwaves etc.) to major appliances (fridges, washing machines etc.).

Where to sell shop-soiled items
This is a business that must be sold in volumes: flea markets, online classifieds etc. if you can sell to small business owners with existing clients or with shops in smaller towns that will be great as well.

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