Category: Surplus & Salvage Business

Start a Bargain Bin Discount Business

Today we are looking at the bargain bin discount store business.  A bargain bin store offers products at steep discounts to retail, the most popular format right now is in the US with “Krazy Bins” which is a format that have sprung up in recent years (often close to Amazon fulfillment centers) where they sell shop returns and surplus and overstock items at discount prices that are reduced on a daily basis and because the […]

Start an Ugly Produce Business

I have spoken about the need for cheaper fresh produce (fruit and vegetables) in South Africa before and my focus has always been on vertical farms or plant factories closer to the city. Today we look at a different approach and how the problem of expensive produce (and food waste) is being tackled in the US. In the fresh produce industry, there are various standards, in South Africa, the first class are usually exported or […]

Start a Salvage Shop Business

A salvage shop, also known as a discount, clearance or “best before” shop specialise in selling items that traditional grocery stores can’t or won’t sell. This includes: Food that is near or past its expiration Manufacturer overstock Items in seasonal or otherwise-dated packaging It also sells: Items in dented or torn packaging Store closeouts Salvage from truck wrecks I will focus more on the first three in this business plan. Value Proposition / Market Need Right now all […]

Buy & Sell Factory Rejects

A factory rejects business buys factory rejects or “factory seconds” and resells. It is a popular small business, particularly in lower-income areas. What is factory rejects Factory rejects are items which, through minor fault of manufacture, are sold to for a reduced rate, rather than being discarded. Such goods are often resold at this lower rate after failing the factory’s quality inspection/quality control. Types of reject businesses We’ve seen a few of these businesses in South […]

Open a Clearance Supermarket

Today I am going to provide you with a blueprint for what is possibly the only way to compete with a large retailer using a modest amount of capital. What is a clearance supermarket A clearance supermarket sells products that are overproduced, short-dated and past due date (past its “best before” date). While in a similar niche, in the local market a clearance supermarket is distinct from a distressed/salvage food operation. Food salvage operations are […]

Buy & Sell Distressed / Salvage Food Products

Distressed or salvage food is food items that traditional grocery stores won’t or can’t sell. This is because food is near or past its expiration date, the can is dented or the label is torn, manufacturer overstock or products from damage or other insurance claims. Business model This business involves buying wholesale lots of salvage canned foods, dry goods, cereals, biscuits, drinks, sweets & chocolates and other food at steep discounts prices and then reselling […]

Buy and Sell Shop-soiled Appliances

Shop-soiled goods are items in a shop that have been on display usually as demo models and have imperfections ( cosmetic scratches or dents) from being displayed out of the box and from being handled. For this reason it cannot be sold as new and is usually discounted. Many shops do not put discounted items on their shelves and instead sell their shop-soiled products via other channels such as auctions or to bulk buyers. There is […]