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Start a Plaster Moulds & Crafts Business

Small business success in creating a product or service as a single entrepreneur is hard unless you have a high-value skill such as computer programming, but what if you don’t have one? Then you need one of two things: target the high-end market with high margin products, for example, learn a simpler skill that works with a high-value material such as leather and start a leathercraft business or on the lower end do something in […]

Make and Sell Crafts

A craft business is something that you can run in your spare time, but you need two components for it to be successful: a good product and a selling channel. The good product and channel Probably the best route to go is to make something of some value that can be sold in a retail outlet, possibly in a boutique. Jewelry is something that comes to mind, but also various other types of things that […]

Craft Business Opportunities in South Africa

Craft businesses are cheap and easy to start and have good margins. With almost any city and town having a craft market it is something to look at. Here are some ideas to get you started: Decant and Sell “Stencil Adhesive” Make and Sell Blank Fridge Magnets Make and Sell Magnetic Photo Frames Buy and Sell Leather Offcuts Make and Sell Domed Fridge Magnets Buy and Sell Blank Magnetic Sheet and Car Magnets