Make and Sell Crafts

A craft business is something that you can run in your spare time, but you need two components for it to be successful: a good product and a selling channel.

The good product and channel
Probably the best route to go is to make something of some value that can be sold in a retail outlet, possibly in a boutique. Jewelry is something that comes to mind, but also various other types of things that can be made for a particular purpose such as a wedding – like “save the date” fridge magnets that can be resold. The goal is to find a material that can be purchased for fairly cheap that can then be made into a high value item using whatever equipment you have or even just your hands.

Here are some ideas

Beads can be used to create a variety of bangles, bracelets and necklaces which can be sold in boutiques.

Magnetic sheet can be purchased in rolls and cut into various shapes to make fridge magnets or magnetic photo frames both of which has various applications.

You can also buy and sell artworks, buy from student exhibitions at night and sell (on consignment if you have to) to art galleries.

Photo framing art prints and selling it is another thing to consider.

Where to sell
Retail channel: one of the best places to sell remains physical outlets, especially if it has lots of foot traffic. The same applies for online channels, you want to sell on a platform that has existing traffic, Gumtree is huge, but crafts does not do well there, we have a few handmade marketplaces in South Africa to look at including Hello Pretty which is one of the most popular.

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