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Start a Medical Oxygen Cylinder Rental Business

For those suffering from severe COVID-19, oxygen can be the difference between life and death. I think a lot of people in South Africa have died from COVID-19 when they shouldn’t have. If we look at other countries with similar useless politicians and shambolic public health services to South Africa you will see that the oxygen cylinder rental business is booming, in India people are even trading sexual favours for oxygen cylinders so essential it […]

Start a Denture Making & Repairing Business

A denture making business or denture/dental lab designs and manufactures dentures or false teeth for the replacement of natural teeth. This can be both a B2B (business to business) business where you manufacture on behalf of dentists or a B2C (business to consumer) business where you work directly with the client. With the B2B business you handle the denture making on behalf of dentists, they will do the impressions and send it to you. The B2C […]