Start a Medical Oxygen Cylinder Rental Business

For those suffering from severe COVID-19, oxygen can be the difference between life and death. I think a lot of people in South Africa have died from COVID-19 when they shouldn’t have. If we look at other countries with similar useless politicians and shambolic public health services to South Africa you will see that the oxygen cylinder rental business is booming, in India people are even trading sexual favours for oxygen cylinders so essential it is seen.

When I had COVID one of the first things that my friends in the medical industry dropped in my letterbox was a pulse oximeter, this device slides over your fingertip or clips on your ear lobe and measures how well oxygen is binding to your red blood cells, essentially measuring how much oxygen is in someone’s blood.   Many people with COVID-19 have low levels of oxygen in their blood, even when they feel well. This was because I had no intention of going to the hospital as I had seen too many people go in and not come out for this “mild flu” with an alleged mortality rate of 1%, I wanted to recover (or die) in my familiar surroundings at home. My oxygen levels were slightly below the 95-100% “normal” (it was around 93%), so I knew I was still in the land of the living. But had that dropped much further my next move was going to obtain supplemental oxygen which is provided through an oxygen cylinder.

The opportunity
The fact of the matter is nobody knows for sure what is really happening with COVID, this is a health issue that has been heavily politicised which makes it very problematic, the water has been muddied by people with agendas (left-wing pro-vax, right-wing ani-vax, coin-grabbing big pharma, compromised scientists singing for their supper etc. etc.).  Even scientist still does not know where it comes from but can they even be trusted when their employer or donors/sponsors have their own agenda? Politicians know even less, when Ramaphosa lost his iPad he was like a computer without a hard drive, but his advisors are unlikely to know anything as well. We’ve seen heavy debate around Ivermectin (which also got dropped in my letterbox but I didn’t take it as I was keeping it as a last resort). You don’t really know what is the truth. What I’m getting at is you can’t really believe anything you read except known solutions that predate COVID, like if you have low oxygen get artificial oxygen.

Unless you are really are on death’s door, the best option according to doctors is to recover at home, self-isolate etc. The reality is many hospitals don’t even have beds available. Or they will say just go home and you either recover or not (a famous phrase of state hospitals wanting to free up beds). A viral infection like COVID can cause oxygen levels to drop and the person will require oxygen. Some will go to the hospital, but I think for those without medical aid, the despair of being in a public hospital might kill you on its own.

The business
A  medical oxygen tank is an oxygen storage vessel, which stores oxygen for breathing at medical facilities and at home. Like gas tanks get rented out so do oxygen cylinders, usually to people with terminal illnesses. Sometimes they get carried around with them, if you’ve watched Sons of Anarchy you will see Piney (Opie’s father) walk around with an oxygen tank due to emphysema. Like most things that get rented out, there is usually a deposit payable and a monthly fee (or depending on the rental period) and there will be a refill fee as the oxygen gets depleted in the tank and needs to be refilled.