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Start a Cardboard Box Business

A cardboard box business makes and sells different types of cardboard boxes. Although due to economies of scale and business model usually stick to a certain category of boxes. Market need Boxes are used for various purposes for packaging, shipping, storage, moving etc. Types of boxes There are various types of boxes including: Corrugated boxes used for general packaging Boxes used to package food like cake and pizza and other takeaways Gift boxes Shoe boxes […]

Start a Packaging Supply Company

One of the biggest expenses and effort of a business is the cost to acquire new customers, this is sometimes amplified in a business that sells something the customer will only buy once. The packing industry solves this problem by its very nature: the product is used, discarded and needs to be replenished. Start your own packing company supplying other entrepreneurs and business owners with packaging products. What to sell Your product mix is very […]