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Start a Secondhand Buying & Selling Business: Buying From Buyshops and Advertising & Selling Online

The buying and selling of second-hand goods is one of the most popular small businesses in South Africa both as a side business and as a full-time biz. Description A second hand goods business buys a piece of personal property that has been used before and sells it at a price that is usually below retail value. Market Need Second-hand goods business cater to people who are unable or unwilling to buy a product new, […]

Start a Recommerce Business

Recommerce or reverse commerce is the selling of previously owned, new or used products, mainly electronic devices or media such as books, through physical or online distribution channels to buyers who repair, if necessary, then reuse, recycle or resell them. Recommerce is simply the selling of previously owned products to consumers (not B2B), what we would call a secondhand or used goods business but it is also equally a business model – and a buzzword […]

Open a Junk Shop

A junk shop is a retail outlet similar to a thrift store which sells mostly used goods at cheap prices. Last time I spoke of a junk collection service, this is one of the sales channels of that business. Junk shops in South Africa mainly sell building materials (especially secondhand building materials), household appliances, furniture and other related products. We know in a retail business, success depends on optimal suppliers and buyers. Suppliers This business […]

Start a Buy-Sell Pawn Business

A buy sell pawn business, pawns and buys items and then resells it at a profit. This business is straightforward a person looking to pawn or sell something comes in and you make an assessment tell them how much you are willing to loan against or buy the item for. This business has a few legal requirements, you need to keep a record of the people selling to you and a copy of their ID, […]

Buy & Sell Second Hand Goods

The buying and selling of secondhand goods is one of the most popular small businesses in South Africa both as a side business and as a full time job. Getting Started There are a few components to this business: where to buy items and where to sell it as well as what to buy and sell. Where to buy To be successful in this business you need to be able to purchase goods for cheap […]

Buy & Sell Secondhand Building Materials

When looking to start a sustainable and profitable business sometimes you have to look hard to spot opportunities. However there are certain themes that you can follow that makes the process a safer bet. You have to remember you won’t always be able to start a business that you want; this is because no one is going to provide you with capital in the startup phase. Most times you have to start a business that […]

Buy and Sell Secondhand Clothing

The buying and selling of secondhand clothing to lower income consumers is one of the most profitable small businesses with low startup costs and high margins with quick turnaround providing you can get a steady supply of quality but cheap used clothing and can find an appropriate place to sell it. The opportunity Poverty, unemployment is widespread in South Africa, however clothing, is one of the essentials that everyone needs, this has opened up an […]