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Start a Sneaker Brand

A sneaker brand designs, manufactures and sells its own brand of sneakers. To start making your own sneakers is not exceptionally hard, most of the components (equipment and materials)  used to make sneakers are readily available in SA. This is a follow up to the leathercraft business and thus we are referring to sneakers that can be made by hand, like in the picture above and not with air bubbles and stuff like that which […]

Start a Leathercraft Business

What is the difference between someone that sews for Prada and someone that sews for Pep stores? There is no real difference, same skillset, in the luxury category you are going to need more attention to deal but the higher price in the luxury segment means that you can spend more time making a premium product than what you would on a lower-end product where the margins are far slimmer. Then there are the materials […]

Start a Preloved & Vintage Clothing Business

Today we are going to look at the importance of a business model or choosing the right business model. The secondhand clothing business is a low-cost, low-margin, high-volume business that specialises in buying bulk and selling to lower-income consumers, your main target there are people who can’t afford to buy new clothing. The “preloved” and vintage clothing business is the premium or differentiation strategy of the secondhand clothing industry, this is people paying a premium […]

Start a Uniform Business

With the New Year, there will be a need for uniforms, school, new businesses, new departments etc. So what are uniforms and what makes this a good business? A uniform is defined as “the distinctive clothing worn by members of the same organization or body or by children attending certain schools”. What makes this a good business is that there are so many markets to target: B2B (business-to-business): company uniforms, industrial, airlines etc. B2C (business-to-consumer): […]

Make & Sell Handcrafted Leather Goods

The majority of people wanting to start a sideline business don’t have a lot of money or time, so they need to do something that is not expensive to start and can be profitable enough to be worked for only a few hours a day. Today we look at one of those: The manufacturing of handcrafted leather goods. What is leather goods Leather goods is consumer goods made of leather, this can include: Purses and […]

Start a Premium Sock Company

If you looking to dip your toe into the fashion industry, there are a few avenues to take, t-shirts is always popular but is very competitive unless you have something exceptional. Today we look at a single product business that has large margins: the premium sock business. What is premium socks Premium socks is basically socks made from a more expensive material (often bamboo fabric) than usual socks and is often (but not always) sold […]

Buy and Sell Secondhand Clothing

The buying and selling of secondhand clothing to lower income consumers is one of the most profitable small businesses with low startup costs and high margins with quick turnaround providing you can get a steady supply of quality but cheap used clothing and can find an appropriate place to sell it. The opportunity Poverty, unemployment is widespread in South Africa, however clothing, is one of the essentials that everyone needs, this has opened up an […]

Make and Sell Custom Trucker Caps

Trucker caps are peaked caps with foam or cotton on the front mesh on the side; it is a popular fashion item. Start your own business making and selling customised trucker caps. Getting started The easiest was to get started is to buy blank trucker caps – usually white front foam and black back mesh – and decorate it. As you grow your business you can then have the cap itself manufactured in future to your […]

Make and Sell Customised Tomy Takkies

Tomy Takkies: once popular with primary school children now worn by all, tap into this trend by starting a business customising Tomy Takkies. Process Tomy Takkies can be customized using various different techniques from fabric paint to glitter and stick on badges. Custom Tomy Takkies can be made as birthday gifts, to commemorate an event or you can even try to offer the service to companies for promotions. More Information Some great ideas How To: 5 Ways […]

Supply the Fashion Industry with Innovative Swing Tags

Every garment being sold needs a swing tag which gives the name of the brand and usually the size (and usually a place for the price with barcode as well). But by making innovative swing tags that can be used as a marketing tool you help drive more sales for the brand. Process A swing tag is basically a card that attaches to the garment usually with a piece of string or a joiner. Use […]