Collect and Recycle Aluminum

Not too long ago I discussed collecting and recycling beverage cans and food tins, now while aluminum is one of the most lucrative metals to recycle not all beverage cans are made from aluminum. Also because cans are quite light you are going to need to recycle a lot to make it a viable business.

Collecting and recycling aluminum can be a lucrative endeavour but you need a source of aluminum which you can collect and recycling. The more aluminum you can get the more you’ll make as scrap companies pay per kilogram.

Try to get large quantities of aluminium
Try to get large quantities of aluminium

Sources of aluminum
Here are some ideas from where to get large quantities of aluminum from:
Car parts – some car parts such as cylinder heads are made from aluminum and is quite heavy.
Broken bike rims – Ask around at your local bike shops for broken bike rims a lot of which is made from aluminum.
Pots – ask family members for old pots they are no longer using some pots are made from aluminum
Offcuts – look in any industry that makes products using aluminum and see if you can’t get from them (offer to collect).

Like I’ve stated before due to the cost of fuel and uniform cost that scrap yards pay for metal it is sometimes the most economical to simply take the metals to the scrap metal dealer closest to you.

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