Collect and Recycle Tins and Cans

Any recycling has to be done in large volumes to be a viable business. With small items such as foot tins and beverage cans more so as it does not fetch much per kilogram, the majority of cans in South African are made from either tin-plated steel or aluminum the latter which fetches up to ten times or more per kilogram.

But how will you be able to make this a business to be able to live on if you need such high volumes to have a sustainable business? If you starting out with little or nothing, you will have no other option but to sell to recyclers at the going rate but if you grow larger you could strike up a partnership or do the recycling yourself. How serious this business will turn out to be will depend on how much volume you will be able to collect and recycle.

Where to get cans
As stated previously you will have to get cans in bulk to make this a viable business. Luckily cans is considered waste and you are likely be able to get them for free if you are willing to collect. Collect from the usual places such as schools and bars, but also from places such as carnivals and other events. If you can put dedicated bins at these venues your life will be much easier.

Recycling bins
Recycling bins

Where to have the cans recycled
The price paid for cans from recycler to recycler does not vary much so the best place to take the cans to will most likely be the recycler closest to you.

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