Consult In Your Field of Expertise

Consulting is an excellent business if you have skills or experience that people are willing to pay for. You don’t require to hold stock and your outlay to start will be minimal to none. You can also meet clients at their premises or at a coffee shop if you don’t have space at home to accommodate them.
You also don’t have to come from a professional background like business or law to do consulting, you can get into this from various different industries, examples include:

• If you have been screen-printing all your life you can offer advice for people who want to start their own business, to fashion students and even to clothing label owners.

• If you work in imports or exports you can help entrepreneurs navigate the various tariffs, treaties and other things needed to make a success of their business.

And there are many other stuff you can offer advice to. While the internet is a great resource for information, nothing beats real world experience, many people also prefer face to face help than the static information found on the internet and the ability to ask questions and get feedback in real time.

Business Model
This business can be charged per hour or per job/project.