Create, Design & Sell Website Templates

If you are creative and know HTML, CSS and JavaScript then you can design and sell website templates. A template is basically the design of the website but not all website owners have the money to design a website from scratch so they basically modify existing templates with their logo, colour scheme and sometimes change the layout.

Currently, there is probably a bigger market for blog themes such as for the WordPress content management system but that will require some PHP knowledge.

Business Model
There is basically three business models used by template designers: 1. Sell a template for a fixed fee, 2. Sell a template as an annual subscription with gives buyers access to support and updates and 3. Give the template away for free on a website filled with advertising. As this market is quite saturated if your skills is not exceptional then giving away the template for free and depending on ad revenue is not a bad idea.

If you are selling a template for a fixed fee you can use a marketplace such as Theme Forest to sell to people but they will take a commission of every sale.

Some local guys who have built large businesses from selling website templates are WooThemes and Obox Themes.