Create Your Own Music and Sell it on AudioJungle

Can you play the guitar? Have you ever composed a song? That easy three-chord song? If yes, we’ve got some fantastic news for you. Even if you don’t have a music degree, you can become a composer and sell your music on AudioJungle.

What is AudioJungle and what music can you sell?
AudioJungle is a marketplace for music/tunes/sounds, AudioJungle deals in royalty free music removing the need to hire a musician for thousands of rands to compose a tune. It is like buying stock photos instead of hiring a photographer but for music.

Why do people need this music?
When it comes to selling products and services it’s always important to grab a prospect’s attention. This is why big and small companies resort to digital marketing agencies, which in their turn, make TV commercials, radio advertising, and those extremely popular doodle videos (like you see on YouTube).

What does this have to do with your wish to make and sell your music, and why on earth do these agencies need your music? The thing is music is an integral part of any advertising program. Commercial music is like clothes. New Year – the new season for clothes and new requests for music. And that is why there are marketplaces like AudioJungle. Whether people need music for adverts, games and animations etc. it is much easier and cheaper to purchase it royalty free from a marketplace.

You can create and sell any music you want – guitar cuts, piano playing, and your own songs with words or without them accompanied by any musical instrument and so forth.

Tools and skills needed
It should be recognised that the most popular music tracks that are currently being sold and traded on AudioJungle are made with special music software.
Among the others, the most popular ones are Cubase and FL Studio
If you understand music theory (even just a little bit), you can learn using these programs in a few days.

Besides, you will need a MIDI-keyboard and a sound card.
If you prefer to record live music, you will need a professional condenser microphone or an audio recorder like Zoom H1.

Earning potential
An average price tag per one track is around R250, but it can be sold multiple times. Just look how much money a top-seller Tim McMorris makes per one track:

Multiply that $19 by 7375 times ($140125), AudioJungle takes a 50% cut, and you will see that one audio track can make you close to R1 million!
This is what that track sounds like by the way:

This Is How You Advertise! TimMcMorris

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Watch the following video on how to create, promote and sell your music on AudioJungle

How To Create, Promote and Sell Your Music Online – make money on Audiojungle! – learn how to sell your music online! – join Wealthy Affiliate, learn how to make money online! – start a blog, make money! Even if you don’t have a clue about creating music, this video is for you.

As you will find out, promotion and getting your song out there is key, KabbalisticVillage who has over 1600 sales on AudioJungle suggests the following:

the best thing to do is write really good music. After your song gets accepted..make a Youtube video for that song with a buy link. I get lots of of buyers from Youtube. Also twitter/soundcloud/vimeo (filmmakers always looking)

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