Develop an App Based on Indigenous Game

Many cultures around the world have their own homegrown games to play to pass the time, if you don’t have the will to make and sell physical board games why not develop a virtual one? While traditional board games such as Snakes & Ladders and Backgammon are well represented in the app stores there is an opportunity in taking an indigenous board game and taking it global in the form of an app. You might even develop the next Sudoku.

Some ideas
Having a look at the “African games” Wikipedia category, here are some that stand out:
Abbia – a Cameroonian game of chance played using nutshells with carvings on them
Achi – a two-player abstract strategy game from Ghana similar to tic-tac-toe
Choko – a two-player abstract strategy board game from Gambia Valley, West Africa.
Felli – a two-player abstract strategy board game from Morocco. It is related to Alquerque and draughts as pieces leap over one another to capture.
Fire on the Mountain – The aim of the game is to be the player who stays in the game the longest. Tanzanian in origin.
Hyena chase – Features a spiral track, and players race their pieces along the spiral from the outside to the centre and back. The first player to finish wins the hyena, which also travels along the spiral. On the return journey to the outside, the hyena eats any of the players it passes (North Africa).
Yoté – a traditional strategy board game of West Africa, where it is a popular gambling game due to its fast pace and surprising turnarounds. A player wins by capturing all opposing pieces. Yoté is related to the game Choko.

Business Model
Depending on the game, the center of the app can be branded with advertisers logo.

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