Estate Agent Board Printing Business

Estate agent boards or real estate signs are signboards used by estate agents to show that a house is for sale.

Value Proposition / Market Need

A house like anything else for sale has to be marketed, one of the most common, if not the most common tools that agents (and even private sellers use) is the estate agent board. Even if a property is listed on a property portal such as Property24 or Private Property this will still put boards on the house which indicates to any passing person that the property is for sale, which that person can also further promote via word of mouth advertising.

Business Model / Your Solution

Estate agent boards are usually printed onto corrugated plastic also known by its brand name “Correx” locally. There are various techniques use to brand this board:

Sign vinyl
Screen printing
Digitally printed vinyl

The printing/signage company I worked at had the following strategy using all of the above techniques:
Less than 10: cut sign vinyl
More than 10: screen print it by making a positive with sign vinyl on clear plastic
If a full-colour photo was required: Digitally printed vinyl (which was outsourced as they did not have a solvent printer that could print onto vinyl.

Estate agent boards are usually 600x400mm (60x40cm) which this “standard” size is sold like that at suppliers you can also buy larger sheets which you can cut down yourself. But it is more common to buy the sheets already cut. Eyelets are then added to the board and it is then printed. This business almost always has a minimum quantity. I guess if you cutting vinyl you can go as low as five, but if you screen-printing (for which you will need a flatbed or “one arm bandit”) then you should do at least 10. There are good margins on these boards.

Value Chain
Skills: artwork design and editing, vinyl cutting,
Equipment: computer with graphics software, vinyl cutter, flatbed printer, eyelet punch
Materials: correx boards, sign vinyl, eyelets