Got a Car? Place Ads on It and Make Money While Driving!

Got a car? What can be better than driving your car and making money off it? And I am not talking about being a taxi driver, because dealing with annoying customers is not what you strive for, don’t you? Even though it might sound strange to some, you can place ads on your car and make money while driving. Sounds attractive? Let’s dive in!

Opportunity Overview
Nowadays you see ads everywhere, on your way to work, on your way home, on a bus, in newspapers. Nothing changes when you get home and look at your smart phone. Suddenly you get attacked by Google Ads and those annoying unskippable YouTube commercials.
There are so many ads out there, aren’t there? So, your car might be another nice place for a Coca-Cola banner.

There are local companies that will be happy to place a banner on your car.
There are South African companies that offer long-term commitments for drivers and pays around R1000 – R4000 per month. It’s not that huge amount of money, but it will help you pay your car bills.

No need to worry too much about your car’s appearance. Your vehicle will be wrapped in a digitally printed vinyl. If you don’t like a specific ad (for example, you are a healthy living enthusiast, but they want to print a giant hamburger on your car), you can refuse to accept that particular offer).
Year by year, more and more drivers turn their vehicles into money generating assets.

Earning potential
If you have a nice car and drive regularly, you can make up to R48000 annually by doing this.
You have to have a car (that’s obvious) and you have to drive a lot. But don’t be afraid. It won’t affect your everyday activities. You will be driving as much as you used to, but now your driving will bring some extra cash into your pocket.

More information
BrandPromo is one local company that does this.

Image credit: print-pack