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If you have been studying our Supply Value Logistics Chain you will know that logistics links every value chain in the supply chain in fact we say that Supply Chains link Value Chains using Logistics.

For each link of the supply chain logistics is the warehousing and transportation from supplier to client. Some businesses have inhouse logistics some outsource and that is where the opportunity is.

The logistics business is the commercial activity of transporting goods to customers. It is the movement of goods from the supplier to client. From the supplier of raw materials to the manufacturer from manufacturer to distributor or wholesaler and from there to the retailer and even to the client.

Every supply chain needs logistics it is an important part. Some businesses will outsource both the inbound and outbound (especially if they don’t have a driver), while others will only handle outbound, however in the case, the supplier or client is in another province then it will almost certainly be outsourced usually to national courier companies.

This industry is very competitive with most of the obvious markets having fierce competition, but I am convinced there is still massive potential in this industry. Rememer both our Post Office and our rail freight operator (Transnet) is incompetant, this industry has been unofficially been privatised by government incompetance.

Opportunities in the logistics industry
Inner city courier
Provincial courier
National courier – air freight
National courier – road freight
Same day delivery

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