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Time is a precious commodity and not many people want to drive from one part of a city to the next especially if they have other more important things to do or better use of their time. Cater to this market by delivering parcels from one part of your city to the other. Not only for private individuals but for companies as well: if a business does too few deliveries it is not viable for them to hire a delivery guy and pay him a full salary as well as vehicle maintenance and petrol so you can market your service to businesses as well.

Let’s use Cape Town as an example: you have the southern suburbs, CBD and surrounds and northern suburbs. You can then pickup and deliver from one area to the next, as it takes a while to drive from one to the other in and back again as Cape Town’s roads are quite congested – and not just during peak times. Also if you just doing parcels you can charge a fixed fee per parcel if you doing regular trips from one side of the peninsula to the other, obviously it will be in your best interest to not have too many trips per day either (unless you have enough parcels to justify it). So say you have one or two parcels to deliver to the north from the south, then you can wait for a call (or WhatsApp) for a pickup in the north before you leave knowing that you have a least some revenue there as well.

Business model
You could work per distance travelled similar to metered taxis or you can have set fees from area to area: south to north and vice versa and from south to CBD and vice versa and from north to CBD and vice versa. You can obviously do internal deliveries as well like from one part of the south to other parts of the south.

Type of vehicle
If you just doing small parcels then a Renault Kangoo express van with be sufficient for your needs, a small bakkie like a Corsa utility will work as well. If you want to do larger moving such as furniture or other bulky stuff then you going to need at least something like a Hyundai H100 light commercial vehicle.

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