Make DVD Slideshows of Peoples Photos

DVD slideshows make unique presents and preserve memories. Make DVD photo montage slideshows for people combining their photos with effects, music and transitions.

You will take photos given to you by people and using DVD slideshow software you will create a disc using a DVD writer that can be viewed on a TV, computer and even put on social media sites.

DVD Photo Slideshow is a good example of such software, here is a list of its features:

Create custom slideshows from your favorite photos
Make lively slideshow movie with music and transitions
Make photo slideshows to fit Christmas, birthday, wedding and more
Customize slide show with text, artclips, subtitles, Pan & Zoom
Share slideshow video on TV, iPad, iPhone, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

You can also partner with people taking wedding photos to create slideshow montages of weddings to give to guests especially if the wedding wasn’t filmed.

Business Model Service
Equipment Computer
Scanner (not all photos will be provided in digital format)
Photo to DVD slideshow software
DVD Writer
Materials Blank DVD’s
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Sector  Media

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