Make and Sell Custom Trucker Caps

Trucker caps are peaked caps with foam or cotton on the front mesh on the side; it is a popular fashion item. Start your own business making and selling customised trucker caps.

Getting started
The easiest was to get started is to buy blank trucker caps – usually white front foam and black back mesh – and decorate it. As you grow your business you can then have the cap itself manufactured in future to your specifications.

Blank trucker cap
Blank trucker cap

The most popular type of custom trucker cap is where people have their name printed on the front of cap. But you can also do logos or even photos of people’s pets.

How to decorate the cap
One of the most popular ways to decorate the cap is airbrushing, this allows you to work on caps that have already been made up (remember I said that when you start out you will buy already manufactured blank caps). Other popular decoration technicians include fabric paint. You can also sew on various patches. Another technique is to screen-print the cap using a jig.

If you do not have a lot of drawing skills the method that will give you the best options is to be able to decorate the front foam before the cap is made up, when it is still flat, this will allow detailed printing techniques such as halftone screen printing on a standard screen (something difficult to achieve with a jig), but you will need a manufacturer that can make the caps for a good price once the material has been cut (traditionally you will only really get to this point once your business has grown to a certain point).


Image credits: 1. AirbrushFX  2. Walmart 3. LORDZ OF BROOKLYN

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