Make and Sell DIY Kits

DIY or do-it-yourself kits are various items sold together to achieve a particular purpose for example the items needed to make a piece of jewelry or a meal. Start your own business making and selling DIY kits.

Kits can be used to make something that you can use but it can also include the ingredients to make a particular dish of food. If it is to make something to use then you should include a set of instructions if it is to make something to eat then you should include a recipe.

An example
Lets say you want to make and sell a DIY kit so that people can make their own magnetic business cards – enough to make a quantity of 40 cards. The kit will then contain 4 pieces of A4 magnetic sheet (10 cards fit on an A4 sheet), 4 sheets of A4 self-adhesive paper, 4x A4 lamination pouches and you can include a CD with business card design templates on. All the person needs to make their own cards is a computer, printer and laminating machine; this is something that a lot of people already have. And that is the key, the kit should contain the items to make it easy to make something but does not have to include everything, for example a food DIY kit does not include pots and pans as it is assumed that people already have that.

The allure of DIY kits
Sometimes people just want to make a certain quantity of something but it is only sold in large quantities, DIY kit are convenient because it only includes enough to make a certain amount. Let’s say I am a plumber starting out and want to make magnetic business cards that people can stick on their fridge to reach me in emergencies. Without the DIY kit mentioned above, I will have to buy rolls of magnetic sheet, a box of self-adhesive sticker and a pack of 100 lamination pouches which could add up if I’m just starting out, where the 40 card kit can help me get business with minimal outlay. Not only are that but all those three items sold at different suppliers meaning I have to run around looking whereas the kit conveniently contains all the stuff needed.

Bubble tea kit - Credit: Sandy Leaf Farm
Bubble tea kit – Credit: Sandy Leaf Farm

Some ideas
DIY kits can come in many varieties but if you start such a business pick a niche and stick to it as sometimes implements can be used across kits for example if you make craft kits and you will may use fishing line in many different kits for various purposes.
Other ideas include:
▪ Kits to make bead necklaces or bracelets containing beads, fishing line, clasps and other trinkets
▪ A kit to make Umqombothi in small quantities containing mielie meal, maize malt and sorghum. You can also include a booklet with the history of the drink.
▪ Biltong spice kit, containing various spices and recipes for people making their own biltong.
▪ A clothing or shoe decoration kit containing various fabric paints, glitter and stick on badges.

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