Make and Sell Domed Fridge Magnets

Domed fridge magnets are cheap and easy to make but can be turned into a lucrative business if targeting the right market. The promotional market is one but it can also be turned into novelty gifts or even making it for a certain brand such as music artist or even churches or schools.

Domed fridge magnets are the combination of doming stickers and magnetic sheet cut into circles using a hollow punch. It is a business that can be started for less than a thousand rand.

Domed fridge magnets can be used as advertising, decorative purposes but functionally they work as memo holders or to put other notes onto the fridge.

The required artwork is printed onto the domed sticker insert, the insert is then pasted onto the magnetic sheet that has been cut into a circle using a hollow punch. The doming stickers is 25mm (2.5cm) in diameter, so you will need a hollow punch of the same size or smaller but not too small as the magnet needs to hold the doming magnet to the fridge as well as possible notes. For a detailed tutorial I wrote click here.

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