Make & Sell Food at Markets

South Africa has many organic markets where specialty and artisanal foods are sold. If you are passionate about making food this is a great place to make sell food on a weekend.

People that frequent organic markets are looking for something different from the mass produced dreck that they can buy in shops and are willing to pay a premium for it. Selling at these markets means you can charge a premium for a small portion but you have to produce a quality product using quality ingredients.

Popular products at these markets include: wraps, bagels, pastas, handmade cheese, gourmet popcorn,  healthy food, Mexican food. You have to be able to make a premium product to be able to sell at these markets, you can’t sell bland ready-mix items, it has to be genuine handmade artisanal gourmet organic food.

Most markets you have to apply to in order to join and they will assess your application, often times the venue provides a table to keep things uniform but not always. One of my favourite markets, the EarthFair Market has the following requirements:

We are looking for small local producers and farmers, organic and natural products (i.e. no chemicals, hormones or unnecessary packaging), seasonal speciality producers, primary producers. We are also looking for high quality chefs and ready food traders. Earth Fair will only consider top quality traders who specialise in the product that they would like to trade in and would prefer that the producer him/herself is present at the market.