Make and Sell Framed “Meaning of name” Certificates

Meaning of name certificate is a personalised gift that has people’s first name printed as a certificate and displayed in a frame. This is one of the cheapest novelty printing businesses to start out with. This business caters to people who want to have their children’s names framed or to give as an interesting gift.

You will be using software which contains “the meaning of names”. This meaning of names will then be printed using a black and white laser printer onto fancy coloured paper (see below). This paper can then be laminated and put in a frame.

What you’ll need to get started
Equipment: Computer, Mono / Black and white laser printer, Meaning of name software, laminator (not essential but will make the offering more attractive)
Materials: Paper containing fancy backgrounds, photo frames, lamination pouches

Sales channel
Like personalised mugs this business suits a high volume area such as a shopping mall.

Another variation of this business is the “Family history” information

Family history