Make & Sell Fresh Smoothies at Organic Markets

Making and selling fresh fruit smoothies can be a great side business because more people are interested in improving their physical health today than ever before and cutting out the sugars found in carbonated drinks.

You can apply this idea for starting a fulltime business, but it requires more effort and money. So, this overview is for busy people who have a job and want to make some extra cash by doing something sideline.

 Opportunity Overview
Basically, there are two types of smoothies you can make and offer:

  • Green (lettuce, spinach, dill etc.) smoothies. They are easier to make but are not so delicious. They are preferred only by those people who understand their health benefits.
  • Fruit smoothies. They are more delicious and more popular, but a little easier to make.

Tools and Skills Needed
Making fresh smoothies requires some special equipment:

  • A blender. It’s always important to purchase a professional blender that can work for a long time at high loads. The best machine, perfect for both home and commercial use is a JTC Omniblend, prices start at R3600, you find it here It can pump out smoothies non-stop, sometimes hundreds smoothies a day. There are other, more professional blenders offered by Vitamix and Blendtec, They are several times more expensive, but you don’t need them for this side business idea.
  • A fridge or way to keep things cool.
  • Washbasin
  • Also you have to learn how to make smoothies. In most cases, you will need three types of ingredients. The first one is a fruit like a pineapple, mango, or pear and something to make it sweet (ideally honey), purified or spring water is added as the liquid. There are a lot of other recipes. For more information check the links in our “More Information” section below this article. But you can mix greens with fruit example banana, dates and lettuce. Or banana, sesame seeds and honey or dates. You want to make unique smoothies that will stand out.

Typically, you can charge at least twice as much as you spend for ingredients, usually thrice but remember at organic markets you clients don’t mind paying a premium and in return they expect a premium product.

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