Make & Sell Handcrafted Leather Goods

The majority of people wanting to start a sideline business don’t have a lot of money or time, so they need to do something that is not expensive to start and can be profitable enough to be worked for only a few hours a day. Today we look at one of those: The manufacturing of handcrafted leather goods.

What is leather goods
Leather goods is consumer goods made of leather, this can include:
Purses and wallets
Cell phone cases
Spectacle cases
Notebook covers
Basically anything that can be manufacture by leather and sold to a consumer

Business Model
The leather is purchased, cut and made into the desired item, a hot stamping machine or punch is also advantageous to have. So you need some handcraft skills to do real good work.

Leather is widely available in various sizes; if you are making smaller items such as keyrings then you can use bags of leather offcuts that can be purchased by the kilo.

Marketing your products
This is a premium item, the best place to sell your goods to is via a high end boutique. You can also try handmade websites; etsy is perfect but not very popular in SA. Hello Pretty is one option.