Make and Sell Pork Scratchings

Last time we looked at making and selling an Eastern snack; today something a bit more western (non halaal & non kosher), but one that falls within our mandate of starting a business with as little capital as possible. If you are restricted by religion from working with and consuming pork I would suggest you skip this one and check out our database of ideas.

Pork scratchings or pork crackling is the fried rind (skin) of the pig. It is roasted in pig fat and sold as a snack; it is popular as a pub snack in the UK but has not been widely available on the African continent and there may be an opportunity to commercialise it. But what makes pork scratchings a cheap startup business is that the rind is considered a by-product in many places and can be purchased on the cheap.

Business model
The rind should be baked or fried and packaged in professional looking bags that resemble chip/crisp packets and sold to bars. They can also be made and sold in strips that resemble biltong.

More Information
Pub-style pork scratching
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Image credits: American Skin & Southern Recipe