Category: Snack Business

Start a Microwave Popcorn Business

Microwave popcorn is a convenience food consisting of unpopped popcorn in an enhanced, sealed paper bag intended to be heated in a microwave oven. With microwave popcorn people pay for the convenience. It is already in a bag ready to pop with seasoning and all. But we know that popcorn kernels are cheap, a dedicated low-cost provider manufacturing and selling at scale should be able to easily undercut current providers and be profitable. In South […]

Start a Confectionery Importing Business

A confectionery importing business imports sweets from a foreign market and sells them in the local market. Market Need South Africa has a very poor selection of sweets and chocolates often the large brands opt to only make and sell the sweets and chocolates that are the simplest to manufacture in SA and will heavily market them so people buy them. Leaving us with very little variety. Besides this there are two more popular markets, […]

Start a Cheap Biscuit Distribution Company

The days of when poor people could afford Bakers or Baumann’s biscuits are long gone. With those business rapidly approaching R20 a packet, there has opened a market for the distribution and selling of affordable biscuits wholesale to township shops. I am talking biscuits that fall into the R5 to R10 (retail) price bracket. The market At the moment the R10 to R20 market is saturated, from R10 to R15 you usually have the house […]

Make & Sell Gourmet Popcorn

When deciding to get into the food business, you can start a staple business selling commodities such as bread or even donuts meaning you have to sell a lot at modest margins to stay competitive to be successful, or you can aim at the higher end of the market selling less of a premium product at a higher margin. Today we look at one of those businesses: gourmet popcorn. What is gourmet popcorn Gourmet popcorn […]

Open Up a Dessert Trailer

We’ve looked at two mobile food businesses before: the caravan take-aways and the food truck. Today we look at another: the dessert trailer. Unlike a caravan take-away and food truck a dessert trailer sells confections such as ice cream, milk shakes, slush, smoothies, soda floats, waffles, muffins and pancakes etc. If you have enough space you can also do popcorn and candy floss. A dessert trailer is largely static, so it is parked where there […]

Make and Sell Pork Scratchings

Last time we looked at making and selling an Eastern snack; today something a bit more western (non halaal & non kosher), but one that falls within our mandate of starting a business with as little capital as possible. If you are restricted by religion from working with and consuming pork I would suggest you skip this one and check out our database of ideas. Pork scratchings or pork crackling is the fried rind (skin) […]

Make and Sell Paaper Bites

A recycling business is one that you can start with little capital as the main materials are waste products and can be acquired on the cheap, next we will be looking at some food “recycling”: paaper bites. Paaper bites is a tasty snack traditionally made from leftover samosa / samoosa pastry. Here is how to start a small business making and selling paaper bites. Getting started You need three ingredients to make your own paaper: pastry, […]

Make and Sell Ring Donuts

Cinnamon ring donuts are a very popular on-the-go snack and it’s cheap and easy to make. Start your own business making and selling ring donuts. Getting started To get started in this business you will need to get a semi-automatic or automatic machine. Depending on the model these machines can make up to 900 donuts per hour. The nice thing about making donuts is that you do not have to be a chef, there are […]