Make and Sell Ring Donuts

Cinnamon ring donuts are a very popular on-the-go snack and it’s cheap and easy to make. Start your own business making and selling ring donuts.

Getting started
To get started in this business you will need to get a semi-automatic or automatic machine. Depending on the model these machines can make up to 900 donuts per hour. The nice thing about making donuts is that you do not have to be a chef, there are various places that sell a “premix” where all you have to do is add the premix to the machine and add water.

Business model
The most successful way to run this business is a high volume operation. Stick to one flavor (cinnamon) and put it in a place with lots of foot traffic and just churn out donuts. A very large residential building where people can get donuts when they leave in the morning, or a large office block or business park where people can get a donut to have with their coffee. You can also supply schools and sell at fairs. But this is a volume business and you need to get a place where you can move volume. Yes, you can take orders and deliver to various places but the allure of having a machine is buying fresh, piping hot donuts straight off the “assembly line”.

Image credits: 1. Wikimedia Commons 2. Creations by Kara

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  1. Hi I am interested on the donut maker so howbcan I get it and how does it work? I am leaving in Pretoria

    1. There are a few catering places and other suppliers that sell it (it’s called a semi-automatic or automatic electronic donut maker). I do not know your location but you can try Catering Equipment – they are based in Pretoria but courier nationwide (they also sell donut mix). If that is out of your budget look for second-hand ones in your local classifieds: Gumtree, OLX, Junk Mail etc. Also look out for bakery auctions.

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