Open Up a Dessert Trailer

We’ve looked at two mobile food businesses before: the caravan take-aways and the food truck. Today we look at another: the dessert trailer.

Unlike a caravan take-away and food truck a dessert trailer sells confections such as ice cream, milk shakes, slush, smoothies, soda floats, waffles, muffins and pancakes etc. If you have enough space you can also do popcorn and candy floss.

A dessert trailer is largely static, so it is parked where there are lots of foot traffic and is especially popular in summer. The closer to the beach you can get the better.

Equipment needed
Depending on what you will be serving; there is various equipment available to suit your needs. From tabletop ice cream machines, to waffle makers (both traditional and waffle on a stick). Tip: You don’t have to buy an expensive slush machine, you can make slush using a much cheaper ice crusher or even a blender.

The trailer
There are many companies that manufacture trailers, the fancier the design the more it will cost. You can get a basic one with a long enough counter, but then you have to brand it well with high quality graphics or even graffiti to make it stand out.

Depending on where you will be parking, you may need a trading permit, a health certificate and a compliance certificate if you are using gas.

Image credit: Tailgate Group

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