Open Your Own Recording Studio

If you have an interest in music or have a sound engineering qualification but cannot find a job you can start a recording studio to help artists create and record music.

The opportunity
Not only has the cost to build a recording studio has decreased rapidly going from tape reels to digital. But people don’t only create demos looking for a record deal or a label to sign them. They create demos to send to venues looking for live gigs, to sell digitally online so there is a bit of opportunity there.

Starting out
Like most businesses the direction to go depends on the amount of capital you have. Because we advocate starting with as little as possible we will cover the basics to start your own studio.

When starting out you are going to have to decide whether you want to work from home or rent premises. You may also have to soundproof the walls and ceiling to minimize sound leakage. Whether using a room in your house or renting premises both has its pros and cons. However you have to ensure two things: That your noise won’t be upsetting neighbours and that the noise outside (example if you in an industrial area) won’t affect your work.

The basics that make up a recording studio include:
A Computer
DAW/Audio Interface Combo
Studio Monitors
Mic Stand
Pop Filter
Ear Training Software

Assemble yourself or buy complete?
You can decide whether you want to purchase the equipment yourself, new or second hand or purchase a complete setup from a studio upgrading or closing down.

Skills and Research & Marketing
Two things critical in this market is the right skills and market research. You are going to have to be able to know how to operate it properly, whether you have to learn those skills by interning somewhere for free.

Market research is important as well. Are there enough clients close to you that can afford to pay for your services?

Marketing: How are you going to get out there, in the beginning you are either going to spend money on advertising, or be exceptional that word of mouth gets out. You could do your first few gigs for free or cheap to get your name out there but that is not a long term strategy to make money as people are going to be looking for discounts all the time.

Business model
Recording studious generally change an hourly rate. Now in the past this was much more than today because recording studios was much more expensive to assemble.

More Information
E-Home Recording Studio has a basic course you can download

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