Open a Zumba Studio

What do every third adult in South Africa have in common? They are overweight! An obesity rate in our country is only expected to grow in the near future. Starting your own Zumba studio is a great way to help people lose weight in an easy and enjoyable way.

Getting Started

Zumba is an aerobic fitness programme that helps people lose weight and improve their stamina. Watch the following video and get an idea of what it looks like to dance Zumba:


Zumba incorporates hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo squats and lunges. No special equipment is needed to dance and teach people how to exercise. No balls, no skipping ropes, no dumbbells. But in order to create an appropriate atmosphere, you will need studio space and a music system.


Since this is a side business opportunity, there must be an easy way to run this business without renting an office space. You can offer a partnership to a local gym or hall. Just ask if they could rent you a place several times a week.

In this case, your job will be to promote your services in social media or local classifieds such as Gumtree or Facebook groups.