Paint Wall Murals For a Profit

Have you ever seen graffiti on the walls of restaurants or office buildings?

This side business idea is about painting walls the right way so that you satisfy the customers and get paid for the job.

Opportunity Overview

There are two types of decorative work – exterior and interior. You can do either but interior work are popular in restaurants.

Tools Needed

For painting wall murals you will need:

  • tape;
  • drop cloth;
  • ladder;
  • print tray;
  • brushes both small and big;
  • special clothes;
  • wall paint or spray paint (depending on medium.

You can buy these tools from a local store or online.

Don’t forget that you will have to buy these tools and wall paint every month. You will also need a place for storing them.

Financial Expectations

The price depends on three factors:

  • wall size (the more the size, the less you will charge per square meter, but the more money you will make at the end of the day);
  • season (painting wall murals makes more sense in summer when it’s hot and the paint dries quickly, but can be done anytime);
  • type of work (since you’re not a pro painter, you won’t spend weeks and months on painting several square meters).

You can learn how to paint wall murals for free from Jazza who already has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube: