Setup a Website to Service South Africa’s Film Industry

Due to South Africa’s favourable exchange rate and beautiful scenery it is a popular destination for international movies and advertisements. There is also a growing local industry as well.

Setup a website linking the movie industry to local suppliers for a range of stuff, props, actors, extras, assistants, and catering, etc. what’s more there is the opportunity for multiple websites of this type each can focus on different roles.

Choose what type of website are you going to setup, are you going to have a general directory type website or choose a niche? For example: there are currently two popular local website where film makers can find cars to rent for movies they are making RockStarCars and Ugly Duckling. Some of these websites also allow people to list their cars so film makers can rent it.

The easiest way to get setup with a website is a self-hosted platform such as Wix, Weebly, Yola etc. you can also use for this purpose. Or you can have a site built on a content management system such as WordPress and have a hosted with a company of your choice. Two of the most popular hosts are Elitehost and

You can monetize the website by selling advertising space to local suppliers to get premium listings on your website.

What you’ll need
Domain name, website and webhosting
Lots of dedication to get the site off the ground.

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