Sideline Business Opportunities

If you are looking to supplement your income without leaving your job, a side business is something to consider. Not only will it allow you to make extra money but also start a business with way less risk and test to see how viable an idea is before quitting your job and going the self-employed route.

Food & Drink
Brew & Sell Your Own Craft Beer
Operate a Food Truck on Weekends
Make & Sell Food at Markets
Make & Sell Fresh Smoothies at Organic Markets

Make and Sell Screen-printing Frames
Make and Sell Crafts
Make & Sell Handcrafted Leather Goods
Make & Sell Photo Booth Props
Make and Sell Terrariums

Become a Freelance Logo Designer
Become a Fiverr Seller and Freelance from Home
Create Your Own Music and Sell it on AudioJungle
Create and Sell Videos as Stock Footage
Start a Custom Portrait & Caricature Business
Start a Photo Editing & Restoration Service
Start a 3D Printing Design Service Business

Become a Web or App Developer
Start a Blogging Business
Start a Review Website

Education / Training
Teach English Online / Virtual English Teacher
Create an Online Training Course and Sell it on Udemy

Consult In Your Field of Expertise
Become a Life Coach: Make Money and Change People’s Lives

Fitness / Leisure
Teach Yoga after Hours
Start an After Hours Personal Training Business
Open a Zumba Studio

Buy a Real Estate Property and Rent it Out
Become a Stock Market Trader
Got a Car? Place Ads on It and Make Money While Driving!
Start a Sneaker Reselling Business
Start a Camera Repair Service
Buy & Sell Wedding Dress Fabrics & Material
Grow & Sell Bonsai Trees
Become a CV Writer