Start a Car Maintenance, Repair and / or Panel Beating Business

The car market in South Africa is growing from year to year. There are over 13 million registered vehicles in South Africa today.

Any car owner sooner or later faces some problems with their car. New cars are often under warranty service in service centers from authorized dealers. But if the car was released more than two or three years ago, it is usually more appropriate to repair it in private service centers.

If you have a passion for car driving and car repairing, why not start your own car repair service.

You can offer services like car maintenance, car repair, car panel beating and spray painting, fixing dents and accident damage repair.

Tools and skills needed

The first thing a beginning small businessman starts to think about is where to find a room for a car service.

There are two ways to solve this issue: you can either rent a room, or buy it. If you have a garage, that’s great, because you can use it as a room for your future business.

Car maintenance and repair service requires a lot of equipment:

  • Lifting equipment (lifts). They are practical and easy to use. If you have installed them, you won’t need the inspection pits.
  • a car tire balancer;
  • a movable jack;
  • filling equipment: various systems for oil change, air conditioning systems, pumps for pumping liquids;
  • washing equipment: high pressure washers are used to clean from dirt and grease;
  • keyset;
  • screwdriver set,
  • pliers,
  • hammers,
  • extension cords for keys,
  • vice,
  • metal drills,

and so on.

Also, you will need a lot of consumables like rubbers, nipples, lubricants, weights.

Get an idea of what tools you also need from this video

Top Ten-Equipment Needed to Open an Auto Repair Shop

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