Category: Township Business

Start a Taxi Advertising Business

Millions of South Africans use minibus taxis every day to commute to work, school and wherever else they need to be. Start your own business selling advertising space inside or outside of taxis and split the revenue with the taxi owner. Opportunity We know the majority of South Africans are poor, without vehicles and living in lower income areas. This is a massive market in SA as it makes up the majority of people. Taxi […]

Buy & Sell Generic Perfume

Generic perfume is perfume “inspired by” international brands, basically it smells the same, but its not made by the company that originally manufactured it and sells for a fraction of the price. Business Model This business buys generic versions of expensive branded perfume from manufacturers and resells it to the end user. So you will basically buy it from the manufacturer for x amount and resell it for a profit. Requirements In order to run this […]

Open a Barber

Everybody’s hair grows making a barber an essential service no matter where you operate from. Here is how to grow this business from a one man show. Business Model There are three predominant business models when operating a barber: 1. The one man show All you need is a hair clipper, combs, brushes, a chair and you are in business, you don’t even need a chair or space as you can do house calls. But […]

Buy & Sell Stuff from Flea Markets

If you are currently operating in the townships you will often find yourself in a position where you don’t have a lot of money to buy stock and your customers don’t have a lot to pay for an item. So what to do? One of popular businesses to do in this case is to trawl flea markets in surrounding towns looking for items that have resale potential in the townships. So what items are popular […]

Start a Car Maintenance, Repair and / or Panel Beating Business

The car market in South Africa is growing from year to year. There are over 13 million registered vehicles in South Africa today. Any car owner sooner or later faces some problems with their car. New cars are often under warranty service in service centers from authorized dealers. But if the car was released more than two or three years ago, it is usually more appropriate to repair it in private service centers. If you […]

Open an Internet Café & Copy Shop

An internet café and coffee shop provides the public with computers (with an internet connection) to use as well as a copying and printing service. Business Model This business provides people to use a computer connected to the Internet, which is charged per hour as well as a printing service which is charged per page. From here on you can branch out to more services, like offer a lamination service, business card printing as well […]

Open a Computer Training Centre

Technological progress has led to increased interest in computer technology. What is familiar and ordinary for today’s youth is a rather unfamiliar object for older generations. And this is understandable, because when they were young, they simply did not have the opportunity to understand all the wisdom of working on a computer. Moreover, there are both young and old people who would like to master particular skills like video editing, photo editing, working in Microsoft […]

Become a Furniture Designer and Manufacturer

Become a Furniture Designer and Manufacturer         Do you have carpentry skills? Maybe, you enjoy modeling furniture using your computer? In this case, you can start your own furniture designing company. This is a business that can be started with little capital if you have carpentry skills. According to statistics, half of all furniture production in South Africa is made up of small enterprises. These are various firms, shops and workshops. Analysis of the range and […]

Start a Domestic / Household Appliance Repair Service

Technology has stepped forward so far that it is really difficult to imagine at least one apartment without a lot of household items. And even the most modern and expensive of them are prone to breakage. This determines the ever-growing relevance of the services of masters in repair of equipment. The truth is, many people cannot afford to buy new stoves, microwaves, TVs when it breaks. If you are well versed in electrical appliances and […]

Open a Cash and Carry Wholesaler

A cash and carry store is a shop that usually sells items in bulk or in multiple quantities. There is a huge market in lower income areas for cash and carry stores, not only to supply entrepreneurs (shop owners, caterers), but to help large families shop for cheaper without travelling far. Business Model The majority of cash and carry stores in SA, follow the Makro model (minus the store card), large warehouse type shop, cheap […]

Start Your Own Computer Repair Service

These days more and more people start using a smartphone as their main device to access the Internet. But there are still over one billion desktop computer users worldwide. In South Africa a third of web traffic still comes from a desktop computer. Look at the following diagram: You see? This is why we can assume that millions of South Africans still use desktop computers. Moreover, people want their children to have a computer to […]

Township Business Opportunities in SA

With the majority of South Africans living in poverty the “bottom end” of the market is enormous for affordable products and services. Whether you live in the township and want to start a business with little capital or want to target lower income groups this is not a market that can be easily ignored. Food & Clothing Buy & Sell Distressed / Salvage Food Products Everyone has to eat but with rising food costs even […]

Start a Photography Service Business

Do you enjoy taking photos of making videos of your family? Did you ever make a video on the street? Do you feel comfortable photographing other people? If yes, and if you have a camcorder or a camera, you can turn your passion into a successful business — just start a photography service business at your own home! Skills and tools needed In order to get started you have to decide whether you’re going to […]

Buy & Sell Plastic Bags Wholesale

If you looking for a cheap and easy retail (buying and selling) business to get into that is not too competitive then supplying other entrepreneurs with packaging materials is something to look into. Introduction The buying and selling of plastic bags is a wholesale business model, where you supply bags to entrepreneurs who are selling their own stuff. So instead of competing against them by selling sweets or vetkoek, sell the bags that will hold […]

Start Your Own Relocation / Transport Service

Almost every South African moves to another place of residence a few times in their lifetime. Moving to another city is always a challenge. Why not take advantage of this and create your own relocation / transport service that will help other people move their stuff to a new location? Overview People always move from one place to another. But this is not the only time they need transport services. Remember the last time you […]

Start a Cheap Biscuit Distribution Company

The days of when poor people could afford Bakers or Baumann’s biscuits are long gone. With those business rapidly approaching R20 a packet, there has opened a market for the distribution and selling of affordable biscuits wholesale to township shops. I am talking biscuits that fall into the R5 to R10 (retail) price bracket. The market At the moment the R10 to R20 market is saturated, from R10 to R15 you usually have the house […]

Become a Life Coach: Make Money and Change People’s Lives

What can be better than helping people get rid of depression, improving their relationships, finding a life purpose and… make money off it? Why not become a life coach? Who needs a life coach? When it comes to repairing a leaking pipe, we call a plumber. Firemen extinguish a fire, doctors treat flu. When it comes to achieving goals (be it losing weight or doubling your income), we’re looking for a life coach. A life […]

Become a Web or App Developer

I know is all about having a sideline business alongside your main job but I want you to hear me out especially if you have a menial job and is earning minimum wage. By taking some time to learn a skill, especially one as in demand as computer programming (whether front-end design or back-end development) you will make your life much easier, it will open options to you like few other physical businesses can. […]