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Did you know that today more people prefer online shopping over traditional ways to buy products and services? This relates not only to South Africa, but to almost every country in the world. Moreover, online retail sales in our country are only expected to soar in the near future.

This is why more entrepreneurs turn to the Internet when it comes to increasing their sales. But those times when a simple act of creating a mediocre website could make you a few sales per day are long gone.

Value Proposition
In our times, an online world is changing faster than ever before. Every year new ways to communicate appear. This is why a digital marketing agency providing modern and relevant ways to promote and sell products and services will be in a high demand among both small businesses and big companies.

You can start a digital marketing company that will offer the following services:

  • Creating and promoting a website;
  • Creating a Facebook page;
  • Starting a YouTube channel for a company;
  • Developing a strategy for increasing Instagram sales;
  • Improving email marketing sales;
  • Buying ads from Google for a company.
  • Content marketing – which is Internet parlance for digital advertorials

It goes without saying that you will need a computer with an internet connection to start as a place to work from. Then you will need agency type advertising and social media automation tools such as:

  • Google Ads Manager Accounts – PPC Project Management
  • Keyword research tools
  • DLVRIT – Facebook & Twitter automation
  • Tailwinds – Pinterest & Instagram automation
  • SEO tools like Ahrefs
  • Dashboard monitoring tools
  • Etc. etc.

Even though there are a lot of digital marketing companies in South Africa, the competition is not that high, because different Internet technologies are just starting to develop in our country. The situation will change in a few years, so the earlier you start your own digital marketing company, the better.

Target Market
Your target market is:

  • Small businesses with few staff (no dedicated marketing team) with a product or a service;
  • Big and famous companies known only in your city or in South Africa who are looking for ways to increase sales;
  • Self employed entrepreneurs – specialists of different industries who need to get more clients.

Sales Channels & Marketing Activities
Since you’re going to help people and companies increase their sales, firstly you have to be 100% qualified to drive traffic to your own website and other online assets. This is why you should be well presented in all modern social media, because, they will be the main source of clients for you.

Funding Needs:
A small size digital marketing agency company requires a small investment. On the other hand, if you’re starting as a solopreneur, you can start with no money.

Serious about starting your own digital marketing agency? Watch the following video:

How to START a Digital Marketing Agency in 2018 | NO Fancy Stuff, ONLY REAL TALK – Digiperform

How to START a Digital Marketing Agency in 2018 | NO Fancy Stuff, ONLY REAL TALK – Digiperform How to START a Digital Marketing Agency in 2018 | NO Fancy Stuff, ONLY REAL TALK – Digiperform Digital marketing services are in high demand.

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