Start a Frozen Wheatgrass Business

Start Growing Wheatgrass in Your Garden and Sell Frozen Wheatgrass Cubes

Growing wheatgrass in your garden and selling frozen wheatgrass juice cubes can make you a decent living if you do it the right way.

What is wheatgrass cubes?
Wheatgrass is the freshly sprouted first leaves of the wheat plant, wheatgrass cubes is wheatgrass that has been juiced and frozen into cubes (ice blocks), this is how it is packaged, the user then thaws it and drinks it. It has a host of health benefits, contains various vitamins as well as being a powerful antioxidant.

If you ask a long term healthy living enthusiast about the best way to get healthier and get rid of illnesses, they will probably answer with this phrase that has already become a cliché: “Change your eating habits!”
This is what can confuse almost any person, because it requires you to stop eating hamburgers, drinking fizzy cool drinks, overeating, etc. and switching to fruits and vegetables.
It would be great if a magic pill existed, a pill that could do the job, wouldn’t it? And it exists! Frozen wheatgrass juice cubes!

Business Model
Making money off selling wheatgrass juice is a 4-step process:
● Buying wheat seeds, soaking them and planting. It takes less than two weeks to grow wheatgrass that is ready to be harvested.
● Cutting your wheatgrass. For this purpose you will need ordinary garden scissors.
● Juicing wheatgrass sprouts. You need a special wheatgrass juicer like Omega J8006 Nutrition Center (around R4500) or a Tribest Z-Star Z-510 (around R1500). If you are really serious then you can drop R20000 on a twin auger Angel juicer. Otherwise a manual juicer will get the job done.
● Freezing your juice. A freezer is required.

Now, that you’ve completed this 4-step process, you are ready to sell your juice cubes and repeat everything.
1 square meter of your garden can produce 1 liter of juice every two weeks. 30ml (1 ounce) frozen wheatgrass cube can be sold at R20 a shot. There are 30 cubes in a liter. So, 1 square meter of your garden can earn you approximately R1200 a month (30ml x R20 x 30 = R600 every two weeks). This is the top end of retail pricing in SA, but even at half the price, its still R600 a month. You can also sell your wheatgrass cubes in weekly supply batches (Juice Revolution sells four week supply in SA).

Target market
Who are your customers? Everyone who is interested in healthy eating, but who doesn’t have time to make their own wheatgrass juice. Where can you find them? Well, the best way is to contact health food stores in your town and offer cooperation. You can also look at selling at local markets, especailly organic markets where your product will be able to rightful price, you will need a cooler box to keep the cubes frozen.

Marketing ideas
You can start a YouTube channel or an Instagram account and share your wheatgrass growing process so that your future customers could get inspired and interested in your production. Let them know where they can buy your frozen juice and enjoy your business owner role!

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