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Start a Baby Food Business

Baby food is any soft, easily consumed food that is made specifically for babies. The food comes in many varieties and flavors that are purchased ready-made from producers. The baby food business is the process of making and selling your own food and beverages for children of various ages and tastes. Target Market This business serves parents who are often too busy to make food on their own.  Business Models Baby food manufacturing business Baby […]

Start a Pizza Slice Business

Today we are looking at the high-volume, low-cost conveyor-belt pizza slice business. This is one of the “businesses to start in 2022” under the “cheaper impulse buys” category. The pizza business has good margins, it is afterall some toppings and cheese on a piece of risen dough. It is no doubt competitive. What we have seen in recent years is the re-establishment of the lower cost pizza sometimes operated from a home garage business. These […]

Start a Rotisserie Chicken Business

Rotisserie chicken is ready-to-eat chicken that is cooked on a rotisserie by using direct heat in which the chicken is placed next to a heat source. The heat source can be hot coals, electric or gas. In South Africa the most commonly available rotisserie chicken is in some major supermarkets. But today I want to look at a different business model: single owner entrepreneur, with maybe one helper that is renting space in a busy […]

Start a Food Exporting Business

A food exporting business exports food made in South Africa to other countries. Market Need There are a few different circumstances and markets in which our food is exported, despite food not being cheap in SA, international trade is done in the US Dollar and not every country has a farming industry in which subsidies make it cheaper than importing from SA. I will look at 3 maybe you can find more. First and foremost […]

Start a Pizza Business

Pizza is a popular food in South Africa, we have national franchise brands (some of them franchisers of international brands), we have popular restaurants, we also have many independent shops in all provinces The pizza business has one of the highest margins and markups in the fast-food industry. The dough base with its topping of cheese and other toppings is both cheap and quick to make. In this business, there are opportunities in the supply […]

Start a Premix Ingredient Business

A premix is a mixture of components or ingredients that have been blended together and sold to people who will prepare the final product. Premixes are widely used in industry but have recently seen popularity amongst consumers as well. This business makes and sells premix kits to either other businesses or consumers. The problem a premix business solves In order to make cakes, biscuits, muffins, cupcakes, bread etc. you need a list of ingredients, the more complex the […]

Start a Food Importing Company

Today I will look at starting a business that will import fresh produce, meat, poultry dry and canned food (and even sweets and chocolates) from foreign markets while adopting a low-cost business model and why you should be starting this business. Market Need The majority of South Africans live in poverty and this number is increasing on a daily basis. Food is a necessity and takes up a significant part of lower-income people’s salary. Importing […]

Start a Ghost Kitchen/Restaurant Business

A ghost kitchen or restaurant is a food service business that serves customers exclusively by delivery based on phone orders, online food ordering or via an app. It is basically a delivery-only restaurant. So what does this mean? It means, unlike a traditional restaurant or take-aways where you have a shop where there’s a counter to order or place to sit, in a ghost restaurant your sales channel is an app or website. If you’ve […]

Start a Frozen Food Manufacturing Company

A frozen food manufacturing company makes and sells a range of frozen food that is thawed and cooked by the consumer, the margins are fantastic in this business: some dough with food inside and you have a product, but the challenge is growing it pass the micro business stage. Business Model This is a manufacturing business, where you purchase raw materials, flour, vegetables, meats and turn it into a product that is sold. Products When […]

Operate a Food Truck on Weekends

If you are passionate about cooking but not able to quit your day job why not start a weekend food truck business? A food truck business makes and sells food, basically a take-aways on wheels. But food trucks often sell more interesting and exotic meals than a normal take-aways and this is one way that a food truck differs from a caravan take-aways which sells more basic foods like fish & chips. Popular items sold on food […]

Start a Frozen Wheatgrass Business

Start Growing Wheatgrass in Your Garden and Sell Frozen Wheatgrass Cubes Growing wheatgrass in your garden and selling frozen wheatgrass juice cubes can make you a decent living if you do it the right way. What is wheatgrass cubes? Wheatgrass is the freshly sprouted first leaves of the wheat plant, wheatgrass cubes is wheatgrass that has been juiced and frozen into cubes (ice blocks), this is how it is packaged, the user then thaws it and drinks […]

Food Business Ideas

Depending on what you making, a food business is one that requires little skill and capital to start out. Getting started the equipment (pots, pans, ovens) and materials (flour etc.) you either already have at home or can be purchased at any grocery store. Yes growing this business into something more substantial requires skill, industrial equipment and even a commercial kitchen but that does not mean that you shouldn’t try. Food reduces a lot of […]

Buy & Sell Popcorn Kernels

Popcorn is a popular snack in South Africa. Here is how to get into the buying and selling of wholesale popcorn kernels. The business Popcorn farmers and their distributors sell popcorn kernels by the ton in South Africa where they are usually packed into 25kg bags (forty bags per ton). There are two types of popcorn available the standard “butterfly” type and the “mushroom” kind. Butterfly is the popcorn most are familiar with, the ones […]

Run a Baking Business from Home

When starting any business there are a lot of different costs involved, the way the startup cost can be reduced is by using existing equipment you already have. Later on this equipment can be upgraded to commercial or industrial versions. One of the businesses that fall into this category is a bakery business which can be started from a home kitchen using a home oven and can later be grown into having your own premises […]

Start a Food Truck Business

A food truck is another way to open a food business without the monthly overhead of a shop. Here are some ideas to start your own mobile food business. Intro A food truck is perfect for someone who studied to be a chef or who has a talent for cooking as it usually sells unique and tasty food, there is another option to go for in the food truck business if you are not a […]

Start a Raw Potato Chip Supply Company

Many take-aways and catering companies don’t go through the schlep of peeling and cutting potatoes, the buy it fresh, ready cut and peeled. Start your own bulk potato chip supply company. Getting started To get started in this business with moderate scale you will need • An automatic potato peeler • An industrial potato cutter (if you have the budget you can get a automatic cutter as well, but a manual cutter is sufficient starting […]

Open a Caravan Take-Aways

A caravan take-away is one of the cheapest methods to open a take-away shop, and because caravan take-aways are traditionally associated with fast food you don’t have to be a chef to start one. Vehicle To start a caravan take-away you will need a caravan and a vehicle to tow it. Most times a caravan is towed to a spot and left there for the day and then removed at closing time. This means the […]

Start a Bread Making Business

I have long maintained that salaries are not too low in South Africa, rather the cost of living is too high and one of the things that people are paying too much for is bread. It is ridiculous that poor people are paying R12 – R15 for a swollen piece of dough, I mean a loaf of bread. The problem is that people are buying their bread from multinationals such as Pioneer Foods (Sasko), Tiger […]