Start a Garage Door Installation, Automation & Repair Business

Almost any home needs a garage, whether to park vehicles or store items, garage doors are very important otherwise people can just walk in, not only are new houses being built all the time but old garages are modernised and automated as well.

Getting Started
To start this business you need to be familiar with garage doors, and the various materials used (wood, aluminum, galvanized steel, Aluzink etc.). As well as the various different types of automatic (remote controlled) garage door openers and its motors.

Then you need to find a supplier, many places including Builders Warehouse sell garage doors. You can either supply the door and install it, or install doors on behalf of people (in which you will charge a labour fee). If you are supplying the door then you can make profit on the door and the installation. Ideally you want a manufacturer that supplies a variety of different doors that you can make a catalogue from.

Business Model
This is a service business, it does not manufacture the doors but buys the doors from suppliers adds a markup and charges a fee to install it. Same for the automation aspect. The repair aspect charges a labour fee and a part fee.

Products & Services
This business offers the following services:
Garage door supply and install to new home
Garage door installation service
Garage door modernisation: remove an old door and replace it with a new one often during renovations.
Garage door automation: Adding a remote controlled automatic door opener (depending on type of garage)
Garage door repair: the garage door automation system can break, motor give in etc. and need repair.

Target Market
Your target market is anybody looking to install, automate or fix a garage door. While the most common is the private homeowner you can also target the building industry.

You need to produce a catalogue of all the different doors you can supply, a website as well if possible. Also you should document every job you did to show potential customers your work in a real world setting.

Business Model Service