Start a Mag Repair & Refurbishment Service

The aluminium wheel rims on cars often come into contact with pavements and various other road hazards. This causes the wheels to crack, dent or cause unsightly nicks and scratches. Start your own business repairing and refurbishing car mags.

The business
There is essentially two parts to this business. One: repair rims that have been damaged to the point where driving performance is affected and the other remove cosmetic scratches and other nicks from the rim.

The equipment
The main machine used to repair mags is usually called a “rim straightener” some rim straigtener come with polish and clean attachments so both services can be done. Although some places specialise in one or the other and even offer further cosmetic services such as recoating the rims.

Here is a Konig machine in action, I have seen some cheaper mag repair machines locally but I don’t know how effective they are. The Konig is marketed as:

The Konig 5700 Rim repair machine is designed to repair all rims between 10” and 24” with the aid of a hydraulic piston and a cleaning lathe. Rims can be returned to their original condition in minutes.

The Konig 5700 is accompanied by various spacers, nuts and bolts to enable the user to mount any wheel for repairs. An electromagnetic pointer is supplied to aid the user in identifying dents and other imperfections on the rims.

Atek Makina – Koenig 54 00 CE

Koenig 54 00 CE

KAISER 5700 and 5400 (10′-24′) Rim Straightener – Gammatrade Llc.

This video is about our most popular, middle class Rim Straightener called Kaiser 5700 (and Kaiser 5400). You can check the machine and also how it can repair a rim. Check this out. Also you can find more info on our website: or contact us:

Business Model
Mag repair services often give a price range when advertising their services this is because some rims will take longer to repair than others.

Marketing the business
Try to partner with car dealerships as damaged mags can decrease a cars value.

Image credit: Alloy Wheel Repair Cork