Start a Mobile Barber Business

A mobile barber (aka door-to-door barber) is a barber that cuts hair at his clients’ house. He only has a clipper and knows how to use it. It is a service business that you can start for less than R1000 (even less than half of that) and break-even in a very short period.

For people who live in townships, the door-to-door barber is a common sight. You phone a guy and say you need a haircut and he comes as soon as he is available. To the barber, all he needs is a clipper and the skill of cutting hair, no need for premises, no need for electricity and water or cleaning (he’ll sweep up with your broom). It’s back to our roots with a simple business, skills and equipment that is not hard to obtain.

If you live in a densely populated area, then you don’t even need a vehicle. This business won’t make you rich, there are only so many heads you can cut in a day. But it can be used as a means to an end business. The goal is to build this into a studio model. To be grown to a point where you can have your own premises and after that, have other people cut and you either take a commission on each cut or charge per chair then after that you open other barber using the same model and just have someone collect your money. Even the guys with shipping container barbers are using that model.

Then you can make enough money, but you have to start somewhere. Look how many chairs you can fit into a small space. A hair cut is usually 20 minutes, with shave 30 minutes. You can fit 2-3 people per hour per chair