Start a Pest Control & Fumigation Company

Imagine, you’re in a restaurant with your spouse and kids, and suddenly a giant rat appears in front of you. You will never ever again visit that place. Mice, rats and other rodents can scare any person. So it’s no wonder that business owners, as well as homeowners place great importance on pest control. Why not take advantage of this and start your own pest control & fumigation company?

How to start a pest control company?

Basically, you have two options. Both are fine and profitable.

The first one is starting a pest control company from scratch. In this case, you will need to cooperate with suppliers, find best prices, either become a pest control technician or hire one (an average salary for a pest control technician in South Africa is over R100 000 per year). Next, since pest control is regulated, you will need to get a license. As you see, it might be a long-term, difficult and boring process, but there is another option available.

You can buy into a pest control services franchise. What is a franchise? If you enjoy traveling the world and seeing new places, you might have noticed that, for example, hamburgers and cheeseburgers are the same all over the world. Why? Because if you start your own local McDonald’s, you don’t have to create an eye-catching menu from scratch.
They (McDonald’s marketing team) provide you with everything you need, like a business plan, where to buy the ingredients from, best suppliers, problems solving ideas, and so on.

The same applies to starting a pest control company.

Tools and skills needed

In order to start your own pest control/fumigation company, you have to get licensed. It might take some time and some money. You can find more about registration as a pest control operator – click here

Don’t forget about creating a website, a Facebook group and marketing your services via social media.

Watch the following video about starting your own pest control company

Starting your own pest control business with Jake Goodwin (Episode 5)

On today’s episode, we interview Jake Goodwin from Bug Masters of Santa Clara County and what it took for him to start his own business. Here are the notes from today’s episode with Jake Goodwin. * What got you into the pest industry? I needed a job.

Earning potential
Running your own pest control company can make you over R100000 a month.

More information on marketing this business
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