Start Your Own Photo Booth Rental Business

Photo booths are used as entertainment at events and functions. It creates lasting memories in the form of photographs that people get to take home. Start your own business renting out photo booths for weddings, birthdays, product launches and other parties.

The photo booth rental business
You rent out a photo booth and related equipment (camera, monitor, printer, props etc.) to organisers having functions. People who attend the function can enter the booth and take photographs of themselves that are immediately printed as a keepsake.

Photo booth photo print
Photo booth photo print

The business
The majority of photo booth owners rent their booths out by the hour, this is because the photo booth is not a whole day thing, so it will be done at cocktail hour or during a designated time. Not only that but because a lot of booth owners offer an unlimited amount of photo printing it suits the hourly model where a limited amount of photos can be printed during that time ensuring a profit is made. However the choice is yours as to your business model. You can charge a full rate which includes unlimited photo printing (the printer has a max capacity of 300 per hour so be able to budget for that in your charge) or charge a cheaper rate per hour and charge for every photo printed, then you must point out to your client that your printer can print up to 300 per hour times the cost per print. So if they paying by the hour and you charging R2 per photo extra then 300 photos will cost R600 extra.

Photo booth photo
Photo booth photo

Target market
Photo booths are used in a variety of settings, in the corporate market it is used for store openings, brand launches, golf days, staff parties etc. In the private market its used at birthdays, weddings and other types of parties.

Starting out
The components that make up this business are:
Photo booth – where people will enter to take the photos
Camera (get a power adapter to plug into mains to ensure that your camera don’t run out of batteries)
Laptop – to run the software to process the photos
Touch screen monitor – this is usually mounted inside the booth
Printer – you going to have to run a high volume printer, a Selphy is not going to cut it. The DNP DS RX1 photo printer is a popular choice for photo booths; this printer has a capacity of almost 300 prints per hour.
Paper & Ink – for the photos to be printed on
Software – You get specialised software for such as Breeze photo booth software for touchscreen and “push button” photo booths including live view and automatic printing of customized photo strips.
Props – In order to keep things fun, many photo booth owners’ offer a variety of props as part of the package. This can include a “standard” set of hats and masks but also themed for different events. But you can’t have an unlimited amount so the client can also supply their own props or you can charge them extra if it’s for something you don’t have and need to go out and get.


You will also need a vehicle to transport the booth and other equipment to and from events.

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Photo booths are used as entertainment at events and functions. It creates lasting memories in the form of photographs that people get to take home. You rent…

Hat tip to Lindy van der Merwe from BizViz Net for the idea.

Photo credits
Photo booth – Smart Photos
Photo booth photo – Poser Photobooth Co. 
Photo booth photos printed – Smart Photos
Props – Etsy

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